Where does fear and uncertainty come from?

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Everyone feels insecure sometimes. That is normal. Insecurity means that you doubt your self-image. You begin to doubt your abilities or your self-worth. Where does this insecurity or low self-confidence come from?

Low self-confidence
Can’t you accept yourself as you are? You are not alone. You develop self-confidence during your childhood and your upbringing plays a major role in this.

In our first years of life, the negative conscious or unconscious beliefs of ourselves develop. Our beliefs largely determine our reality. If you are convinced that you lack self-confidence, you will behave accordingly.

Consequences of insecurity
Insecurity can prevent you from setting limits or you constantly fall short feels. Then you no longer feel free to do what is important to you. Prolonged uncertainty can have all kinds of consequences for your health, social life, relationship and work.

Insecurity can manifest itself in: inferiority complex, fear of failure, depression, loneliness, shame and guilt, loneliness, etc.

Fear is an emotional reaction that prepares you for imminent danger. Your heart rate and breathing speed up and your blood pressure goes up. Your body is ready for action: fight, flight or freeze. When the fear becomes greater than the objective danger, this becomes an irrational fear. However, this warning system can throw you off balance.

A phobia is an intense fear of a certain situation, object or animal. The fear is so great that you avoid the feared situation. Sometimes there is a panic attack.

Well-known phobias are fear of heights and fear of flying. Other common phobias are: spider phobia, storm phobia, blood phobia and dental phobia.

The fear is exaggerated in relation to the actual danger. People realize that too, but they still tend to overestimate the danger.

What can hypnotherapy do for you?
Hypnotherapy is a very effective form of therapy to overcome an anxiety disorder . With hypnosis we can find out the cause of the fear on a physical and emotional level, and process it.

That means that the fear actually decreases or even disappears completely.

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