Normal challenges for children, young people and their parents

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Most children in the Netherlands develop without too many problems into autonomous and social adults who make a positive contribution to society. Parents sometimes worry and have questions about the upbringing and growing up of their children.

This is normal and shows that parents are involved with their child and want the best for their child. In addition to pleasant and loving situations, there are also times when parenting is difficult. Busy behavior, contrariness, withdrawal, shyness, insecurity; they are to some extent normal phenomena in children, often linked to the developmental stage in which they are. (Learning) how to deal with these phenomena is the usual task for parents, professional educators, such as pedagogical staff and teachers, neighborhoods and cultural communities, basic facilities, leisure facilities and for municipalities.

To problems in raising children and risk factors have been extensively researched. But if we want to promote the healthy, safe and promising development of children, we should have more knowledge about u2018ordinaryu2019, non-problematic upbringing. That is why in this memorandum we are conducting a literature review into factors that characterize a healthy, safe and promising upbringing and development, and into factors that have a threatening or, conversely, a protective influence.

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