Our Non-Fiction Stories

Our Non-fiction stories about Inse and Curity, especially for adults, are a powerful, proven way to make a real impact in your life. Thousands of people like you around the world – moms and dads, entrepreneurs and college students, athletes, housewives, nobodies, scientists, scholars and teenagers – have discovered that when they read micro stories they take in information in a different way.
The micro stories are therefore, in addition to the courses, workshops and ebooks a must.

Inse and Curity

The multiverse micro stories of Inse and Curity explore different lifelines and timelines, each with its unique challenges. Inse’s life is determined by the Voice of Insecurity, while Curity masters the Five Transformations to fulfill her dreams, whether as a monk or billionaire. Despite the infinite possibilities (and looks), Inse struggles to achieve his aspirations, while Curity inspires hope.

Can Inse find success with Curity’s guidance? Find out in our non-fiction stories.

There are secrets
nobody talks about?

Why they succeed?

Why do rich or famous people succeed?

Nothing works for me!

Why does nothing seem to work?

There are ancient secrets!

How did people deal with difficult stuff in the past?