Our coaches
speed up the process to master your inner voice.

We also suffered from a negative inner voice

To be frank, controlling your inner voice is something you carry with you for the rest of your life. So it never ends. Accepting this is an important first step towards what we all strive for: a fulfilled, happy, rich life. Full of care and love for yourself and for others.


Only when you control your inner voice can you love yourself enough to become healthy.


Only when you control your inner voice can you enter into loving relationships with others and rid yourself from your ego.


Only when you control your inner voice can you have enough conficende  to chase your dreams and become happy and wealthy.

The road to self - confidence

Taking control of your inner voice is your best option

I can’t lose weight, eat healthy or know how do this or that. Did you know that your inner voice is the reason behind this.

I’m hurt, I attract bad persons, it was hear fault and so on. Did you know that your inner voice is the reason behind this.

I’m not smart enough, my family was not rich, I don’t have time and so on. Did you know that your inner voice is the reason behind this.

the inner voice

never sleeps

insecurity is always lurking

never give up

never gives up and reappears every day

master deceiver

the master of disguise

all over the place

suddenly appears around the corner and disappears just as quickly

the best seller

comes up with strong arguments and sells your mother without any problem

sometimes your friend

sometimes saves yourself from mistakes and is then more than happy to let you know

My (negative) inner voice controlled my life and made me feel insecure.

Especially in my teens; coach Jeannette.

Meet your guides

Human nature is about emotional connection and respect.  Jeannette is used to listening to and connecting with her patients. Within our team she brings this experience to the next level. The need she feels as a mother of five in helping her family improve their lives is the starting point of the InnerChurch movement. As Inner coach she now transfers her knowledge to you. 

Jeannette Belonje

IInitiator of the InnerChurch movement, Inner Coach and also mother of five and oral hygienist

Pyke loves learning from and listening to people. He has no problem leaving his own thoughts and believes behind and gain more enriched insights. With his Colombian indigenous roots he is the original (spiritual) teacher behind our movement. The Five Transformations where “given” to him during one of his “mind alterring journeys”. These form the foundation of his teachings as Inner Coah that he now transfers on to you.

Pyke van Dieren

Technical engine of the InnerChurch movement. Philanthropic entrepreneur, teacher of the Five transformations, and together with Jeannette, father of five

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About us should be about You

Mission – “Become happy, healthy and wealthy” –

We, you and our participants – all – want to improve our life, health, love, happiness, relationships, career, wealth or even become a spiritual being.

Now we all can do this together.

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Our values

Be objective

Can you keep your head cool and remain calm when someone opposes your strong beliefs? Staying objective is a true art that you can master. Can you see what others can not?

Listen more

There is a reason people have two ears and only one mouth. Unfortunately many people seem to forget this simple fact.

Be respectful

Let’s leave gender discussions, ethnicity, (w) supremacy and politics out. This only prevents people from having honest and true human connections.

There are secrets
nobody talks about?

Why they succeed?

Why do rich or famous people succeed?

Nothing works for me!

Why does nothing seem to work?

There are ancient secrets!

How did people deal with difficult stuff in the past?