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Our Books are a powerful, proven way to make an impact in your life. Thousands of people like you around the world – mothers and fathers, entrepreneurs and students, athletes, housewives, nobodies, scientists, scholars and teenagers – have found that when they read the information is digested in a todally different way. 
The books are therefore a must in addition to the courses and workshops.

We have two series of books

The 5 Stages to Fight Insecurity

This series helps you understand the 5 Stages to to fight insecurity. As you understand by now, insecurity in any aspect of your life, is a direct result of your inner voices that are out of balance. These books deal with the more outward, down to earth and action orientated stages that help shape your voice of insecurity and that way fight insecurity. Over the years these stages evolved into the more inward oriented and a more fundamental way of dealing with your inner voices and the five transformation teachings. This series however still remains the first go-to book series that is accessible to the broadest group of people. After thisseries you can move on to our “5 Transformations series”.

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The 5 Transformations

In these series each of the 5 Transformations will be covered. You will finally be able to take control of both your inner voices and get the best out of your life, health, wealth and relationships. You will know how to become a master at exploring new possibilities in your life, how to deal with setbacks, how to become a great leader (and why this is important). And how to turn into the person everyone likes and bring out your ideal self. And will finally have an idea what is possible for you when you control your inner voices. 

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There are secrets
nobody talks about?

Why they succeed?

Why do rich or famous people succeed?

Nothing works for me!

Why does nothing seem to work?

There are ancient secrets!

How did people deal with difficult stuff in the past?