Behind every smile
hides your inner voice

Gurus have it wrong. That’s why you don’t get any further.

Is your life successful? Are you happy? Have you achieved what you want to achieve? Do you have that relationship you dream of? Do you have enough wealth? Just to name a few. The InnerChurch Teachings help you get there.


You didn’t know it, but insecurity and health are linked together.


Are you insecure? Then you can never build a meaningful relationship with someone.


No one ever told you this. If you do not have wealth, it is because you are insecure.


Do you know the feeling? I can’t lose weight because… I can’t eat healthy because.., I don’t have time because… and so on. Did you know that insecurity also influence choices about health?

Insecurity and weight loss

When you silence those voices in your head, you suddenly realize that you too are worthy of achieving your ideal weight.

Insecurity and sports

As a kid you decided you weren't "as good as others" at sports. Once you fight your insecurity, you will experience that practice in any sport can also make you good.

Insecurity and nutrition

No, your body has no predisposition to eat badly. No, you don't "just like good food". No, you are just insecure about whether you can stick to good eating habits and that is why you give up in advance.

Insecurity and body

Insecurity has deep roots. A friend or boy once said something about your body. Now you still feel this insecurity. As soon as you realize what insecurity does to you, you start to love your body and everything about yourself.

insecurity and weight loss


Do you know the feeling? You are hurt, because.. You just fall in love with the wrong types, It was her fault, because and so on. Did you know insecurity also influences choices about relations 100% of the time?

Insecurity and falling in love

When you are insecure, you can never love anyone. Not love on a deep level. No, you have to love yourself first. So first fight insecurity.

Insecurity and friends

Once you realize that everyone is insecure. And it is precisely this that makes you human. Then you will see that you are an amazing friend. Fight insecurity.

Insecurity and social media

On a conscious level you know that social media is fake. However. Your deepest desires, such as jealousy, ego, susceptibility to status and prestige, all play a role. Fight your insecurity and you suddenly see social media differently.

Insecurity and leadership

Why couldn't you be that leader, that boss of that company, that captain of that team or just that woman/man that people look up to. Fighting insecurity is the answer.


Do you recognise that thought? You are not smart enough, Your family is not wealthy, so.. You don’t have high education, so.. You don’t have lucky, so.. People who pursue money, are bad, and so on.. Did you know insecurity also influences choices about wealth?

Insecurity and intelligence

This also runs deep. No, you weren't top of the class before. But, actually you found it all very boring. So it makes sense that you didn't get an A. As soon as you realize that no one is intelligent, because there is not 1 form of intelligence, you will no longer be insecure.

Insecurity and career

Insecurity makes you think that a career is only for the ones that work very hard. People who use elbows. People with luck and no children.Fight insecurity and this feeling disappears.

Insecurity and making money

Everyone says making money is easy. Then why isn't everyone rich? Don't be insecure. Once you deal with insecurity, you too will see that it doesn't matter whether it is easy or difficult. No, it's about being confident and building knowledge from there and finally having the courage to take action.

Insecurity and starting a business

Why not you? Have you ever wondered this. That little voice in your head has a nice answer ready. Realize, however, that this is your insecurity talking. Silence this voice, fight insecurity.

insecurity and wealth

Okay. I now know the impact of the inner voice.
But how do I master my inner voice?

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