Our inner voice no longer holds us back

We also have had no control over our inner voice
To be frank, mastering your inner voice is something you carry with you for the rest of your life. So it never ends. Accepting this is an important first step towards what we all strive for: a fulfilled, happy, rich life. Full of care and love for yourself and for others.

Our Lessons
the inner voice

never sleeps

insecurity is always lurking

never give up

never gives up and reappears every day

master deceiver

the master of disguise

all over the place

suddenly appears around the corner and disappears just as quickly

the best seller

comes up with strong arguments and sells your mother without any problem

sometimes your friend

sometimes saves yourself from mistakes and is then more than happy to let you know

Our five year story!

An interview with Jeannette - founder

Truth, fiction or our mission. Does not matter. You control your inner voice and follow the 5 Transformations..
interview with Jeannette

The office

White wooden tables and lots of green moss on the wall, large banana plants, here and there pink, white, black or gray materials. This is what I see when I walk into Jeannet Belonje’s company. 45 years old, mother of 5 children and happily together with her partner Pyke van Dieren. He is also concerned with the insurmountable success afterwards. For a year now, she has been attending the most diverse events with her successful company and is involved in Overcoming uncertainty.

According to Jeannette, a all-encompassing problem that everyone is dealing with has to do. That is why she really sees this as her mission in life. Her followers speak highly of her, in the office but also outside when I talk to people. According to Jeannette, this used to be different. She felt insecure so often that she didn’t really move forward in her life. Before she had children, she simply never did a lot of fun things. She didn’t dare and was unsure. Now it’s her turn and she’s making amends.

Who works there?

Boys & girls who are engaged in, and completely immersed in, the story behind Overcome Uncertainty . I speak to one of the employees to find out what they are all responsible for? What are they doing?

Maintaining the website

Blogs need to be written that provide inspiration every day to the many website visitors who understand that it is uncertainty that prevents them from living life to the fullest. Simply providing this insight is an important aspect of our movement. A movement is what they are setting up here. Just like Greenpeace, we want to create a feeling of being together with the same decisiveness and passion that you often see at these types of charities.

The online shop.

For us, someone who is creative is very important if we want to present our online shop in a special distinctive way. We put all the care and attention into the carefully choosing what will or will not be in the shop. It should help to overcome uncertainty. So nice gadgets such as cards that you can give to someone as a gift with powerful quotes about uncertainty. Or family kitchen planners with encouraging messages. Or nice caps with the logo of overcome uncertainty. We want to let people feel that they can proudly identify with our movement. That you don’t have to be ashamed if you are insecure and that we are stronger together. Uncertainty is always lurking and with our products from the shop you are consciously working to overcome uncertainty.

The events

This includes our speakers and coaches that you can hire to motivate large groups of people to talk about their uncertainty to come. Nor do companies forget them. You often have to cross a threshold first. It is difficult to admit that you are insecure in your work. However, faking will not get you any further. That is why our courses and training courses, not to mention our online videos, also pay attention to this. Our event organizer also provides fun outdoor activities, such as horse whisperer riding programs. Finally, our event organizer is also in contact with schools and sponsors who want to commit to and propagate our mission. Jeannette does not want to say too much about the content of the programs yet. However, she can reveal that there will also be a national rollout of the school program. This along with the help of psychologists, because insecurity within schools due to the adverse effects of social media has become really problematic.

Marketing & Sales

Who does your marketing and sales? That’s Guinevere and Sasha. In this department they are responsible for all activities that are necessary for a good balance between showing your face and targeted sales activities and also simply helping people. Help, actually without us asking for anything. They really are top players with their heart in the right place. Important for our company.

Cold water exposure

Why do we name this separately? Because this is really reserved for the people who want to get that tjakka feeling. Again, it is about overcoming uncertainty and not about overcoming fear. Fear is always a result of uncertainty. For the Cold water exposure, we’d better talk to Jeannette herself. She has been doing this 3 times a week for years. Just at home in her pool, which is sometimes covered with ice in the winter. Sometimes she warms herself up in her jacuzzi afterwards. You don’t always have to go for the max. Jeannette recently invited people to her home to go through this experience together. Young and old and they are guided in a good motivating way. Overcoming uncertainty is the starting point of all sessions. By being more sure of yourself, you succeed and the fear disappears. Also the realization, by the way, that that fear of cold never goes away, but in the moment can only be overcome by being more sure of yourself. Sure, because you know you’ve done it before. I am immediately invited to participate on Saturday, along with 18 others. In groups of 6 you go into the cold water. Then let your own body warm itself up first. Finally, and as a reward, warm up afterwards in the jacuzzi. To be continued.


Jeannette herself also visits major companies for sponsors. This is because what they offer must be available to everyone as widely as possible without financial restrictions. Uncertainty is indeed a social problem. They also use this support to speak more easily at trade fairs, for example in the form of TED talks. Jeannette also just stands there and tells her story about how she came to start this movement. It’s about helping as many people as possible.

Physical store

We krijgen hier veel vraag naar. Wanneer kunnen we jullie producten ook in de winkel kopen? Dit is nu niet aan de orde, maar wellicht dat we op een gegeven moment ook een thema winkel kunnen openen. Het klinkt gek een winkel om mensen te helpen. Zie het echter als een natural shop of meer spirituele winkel, maar dan met alles rond overwinnen van onzekerheid. 


Video is a unique means of conveying a story with emotion. That is why Christel is involved in this full-time. For example, good topics are invented, storylines are written. That interviews are scheduled. In addition, Florine provides an overarching content plan. There is a whole philosophy behind this and this is a considerable job. The more so, because if you really look deep, you see that uncertainty is everywhere. Even with politicians who either don’t tell the truth, or twist things around or who simply want to be re-elected and just say something. They too are often insecure and do not dare to act from their own strength, afraid of what the “public” will think of them.


Pyke looks after and manages the cash flows. How much do we earn per year, through which channels, what do we spend it on. In which we can invest even more, such as personnel. In short, reports that can compete with large companies. I need to know all that. I used to be unsure about math or numbers. Now that I have overcome my insecurity in this area, I am happy to enter into this conversation and see how important this is. The advice of people or some gurus to only do what you are good at is total nonsense. Uncertainty always comes into play here too.


In addition to one-off training courses or sponsorships, we also work with companies on a long-term basis. We have noticed that uncertainty plays a major role within companies. You always have to deal with people and uncertainty does not go away or always appears in a different form. In every department even the marketing department, the sales department, the managers, but also the people in the support department or even programmers. When you approach this for the long term, you see that companies are performing better and better, not only bottom line, but also that working for a company that pays attention to such a sensitive subject, results in a really nice working environment.

A final question

How do you see the future? Both Jeannette and Pyke are very short on that. Expanding this family business into a company that also has international significance and can help even more people! Overcome Uncertainty.


Jeannette can still tell a little secret. My next step is to cross the border from Belgium with my vision. And I’m talking about Colombia! , says Jeannette with a big smile on her face. Why Colombia? When we talk about OO, this is of course a very good test and proof that uncertainty does not have to stand in the way if you as an individual or as a family have a long-awaited dream or urge to leave. This is real emigration. But why not. Who tells us not to do this. I ask the question how Jeannette sees this, to be able to continue a Dutch-speaking company in a country where they speak Spanish. Jeannette tells confidently that step 1 is to turn the mindset from uncertainty to a mindset to self-confidence. If you also start thinking creatively and come up with creative solutions, it is certainly possible to take this step. The most important thing is that you don’t let yourself be hindered by uncertainty. Oour goal is now to get everything ready so that we can start with FI from Colombia in a year and a half. We make colombia part of our project to overcome our uncertainty. And that of our children, because in this way you also show the children that nothing is impossible as long as you believe that uncertainty can be overcome. our children from colombia show that the choice of parents to emigrate to another country can also be embraced as a child without insecurity and from here embrace the things you are unsure about at first. We really need to wrap up the interview now. Jeannette indicates if people want to know more about how the adventure in Colombia should continue, they can go to the website and then to Colombia adventure. Here our visitors can read everything about how we will continue our adventure.


Back to why we are moving to Colombia… We are making Colombia part of our project to overcome our insecurity. And that of our children, because this is how we show our 5 children that nothing is impossible if you just believe that uncertainty can be overcome. Our children from Colombia show that the choice of parents to emigrate to another country can also as a child embrace insecurity and from here embrace the things that you are unsure about at first. When we talk about OO, this is of course a very good test and proof that uncertainty does not have to stand in the way if you as an individual or as a family have a long-awaited dream or urge to have to leave. We have a goal! And yes; the language we do not yet master, etc, all uncertainties.

There are secrets
nobody talks about?

Why they succeed?

Why do rich or famous people succeed?

Nothing works for me!

Why does nothing seem to work?

There are ancient secrets!

How did people deal with difficult stuff in the past?